Stay here Stay sh…

 I feel so unattached, To everything attaching itself to me

So is that why watching her leave-leaves me so unsettling

I don’t even know her

Turning my head makes my feelings stir

Closing my eyes and going back to work.

This is a place where evil stems,

As she digs her roots and I give in

Anything for one word again

Just one hug, I won’t ask but I’ll forever love a friend

And that’s enough to call a happy end

Convince me to convince you
To convince me to help you through
This hard time.

the clock is running harder than me
Ticking each time that I let you run free

As if I’m supposed to be there
every second of your life

Please just give me a break-
We’ll freeze time
and you’ll have all of me to take
And we’ll go back to our special place

Where responsibilities are kept outside
Time won’t stand still much longer.

So love me now before I’m gone
Learn from me Now before we do wrong.


I’ll undress you without touching you at all
Your unrest will be as confident as my hand
We’ll be up all night and just before it ends
You’ll finally feel rested as you succumb to my plan

You laugh to yourself when I pretend to be noble
Then touch me some more just so ill become boastful
Make us alone- just so we can be social
And ask, what’s the cost. While your eyes know the total

Locked into your room
I’m sure I’m too spoiled
We’ll dance with the moon
You deserve to be spoiled
Locked into your room
I won’t let you spoil