What Matters


A great change is coming, The hero that ran away is at a new crossroad.

He only keeps running, while his head should be high with confidence

He stays just below.

Having fallen from all he’s known,

He takes the right turn and runs straight into the unknown.

One path will lead him to nothing but pain.

The other, well… It doesn’t much matter.

What does matter is-

Close But No Cigar


I have dreams of a past best left unseen

It’s sad in ways I can’t describe

I think about how I could have done better.


By only these means,

could I have ever believed?


Now if only she could see

Because she’d never believe me.

That peace of mind is left to dark dreams,

and the best memories to lay dormant

inside the maze, with all the inner workings of my mind.

no one there to delight when they’re found.


Only half of my mind is at peace

the other half struggles to stay at ease.



Feel that breeze?
It’s something controlling gravity
It’s pressure is light enough to bring me to my knees
Allow me to truly feel, as the season changes key
The music in her plays throughout me

There’s harmony
It’s something so moving
It’s euphoric and bliss
My body doesn’t want to stop what we’re doing

So don’t stop now, your eyes say you wouldn’t
The pressures building, and were floating with it, but shouldn’t.
The current wants to rip us apart, but couldn’t

The higher we drift, the better our touch
We are above the weight of the world
Your hands are shooting stars passing by my eyes
Leave me with a wish and a goodnight kiss.

We are together side by side
Falling back to work in a dark world
There are smiles forming from our decent
How will our destiny’s unfold?