Dawn of a new Day


I’ve been broken

this world has stepped on me enough

Listening to the lies being spoken

Of diamonds hidden in the rough

Then the diamond falls, and calls their bluff

My chest is bending, putting me on all fours

I felt love before, still, I feel it more

Is that why nothing was said but the words

“Get out” marked across your door?

To be so sure, to say its over?

I won’t believe any of those lies longer!

I won’t be swayed by devil’s whispering me to make mistakes

They will not make my hands shake,

nor questions arise

These words they state, leaving me with bloody eyes


bitter? hardly

She is and was the first place prize

mutually, I should be the same size.

That piece of me is yours- we share it.

just like that piece of you is mine-

To be blue with you,

only leaves me green since you made your mark

this isn’t wisdom, cynicism?

lock the door to leave me lying in prison.

This is an experience I will not let destroy-

what my blood says is love.

That green you left in my heart is beating

In sync with my movements, needless to say i’m done grieving.

Life, is what you gave me, with or without your presence.

I hope my piece didn’t make you too blue

Because believe me when I say, I love you.

My conclusion is that I will change this world.

Myself first. I will bleed out before the day you really leave.

I still feel you, in each beat of my blood

you say crazy, me and 40,000 others say love.

I’ll move on…The stars will need to pack their bags

I’m strong enough move them, just like our waving flag.

If my answer is fixed then my last drop will be to fight for this.

I see you’ve always been a diamond, I’m not just going to quit.


IMG_1227I know how it goes at the end of the show

She said she’s leaving,

and its all she can do

to help cope with this joke

of a life blown up in smoke

while the drunk slurs the songs the he wrote.

She never returned

after that fateful night

He messed up,

and the bottles are proof

Well, gin and vodka stars

in a life so bizarre

and there’s nothing that he’d rather do!

But she can’t stand all his fears!

so he sits back with a beer,


he’ll give it all away

but its not what she needs

cleaning up all his weeds

his slurs break up the words he conveys

Please listen friend,

you’re what the world

showed to me

Opening my heart up to love

I’ll be living a lie

and I’d rather die

then to say

that we never made up…

Time of the Day


Time is all knowing

but only Time will ever tell.

Am I still paranoid?

Time told me no just last week.


Time is still answering me.

Time told me to move on.

The world is yours to wander

still I’ll love her just a little longer

Discovering myself has never come at such a high cost

I’m inevitably to blame for the problems I got

To see that face light up the crowd

shuffling bottles with ease and somehow

a rose in the weeds.

we both find other people who’ll fulfill our needs

I feel like I’m done for awhile

Sit back and help other people smile

It’s the only thing keeping me happy.

Am I happy?

Only Time will ever tell.

Good Day



The young man isn’t as brave as he thought

a flawed victory, pitied, and all that he’s got

A young, blonde, pretty, and a lesson to be taught

 Only in time will this all make sense

reliving those nights at his mind’s expense

let the wound heal, now.. a lose of suspense

Clarity relieves that numb feeling in your heart

try to balance emotions,and your mind they pick apart

Nothing to go back to, eyes only on a new start.

Bad Night


Oh the problems that you dismiss!

All to I, plunge me into dark abyss!

Love yet to end me with a ruby kiss;

Just one last time place poison upon my lips


To no surprise I lay on cold shoulder,

Forsaken? and I only making it colder

For certain? I see us when we are older,

I pray that I may be beauty and you my beholder!


I’ve seen you kiss me again, before!

Once more, for you the love that I adore

why should love be the thing that you ignore?

Before you locked heart leaving open no door


Once I had everything a future and you

the events that pushed this decision through,

Why do I fight so hard, life happened on queue

Is the really because of the things that I do?


Bye then my friend

I never wanted this to end

I’m crazy, but what did you intend

to be there in sight .


I lay broken on the side of the road!

No voice to represent the feelings showed.

Only good memories, while you lock into your abode

Leaving behind all things keeping time moving slow.






A Day Late


One more night to dine with you

we’ve had umpteen now, so why not two

I see when you smile wide

and here you’re happy.

That special night with me at your side

Into my truck as we go for a ride

I scoot over so you get to drive


we can stop by all your favorite places

have a drink,

connect four, to unlock all your pretty faces

you come up proudly laying your hand on my waist

“I’ll run the world my dear there isn’t a fear we cannot face”

you tell me there isn’t any time for us to waste

back in the truck, why should we wait

We’ll make each other feel better than great!

another moment and you’ll make that face

That’s the one, see there’s no need for space.


You’re leaving now, its not that late?

I just dug into that unparalleled taste.

Will I die young from the fruit that I ate?

Fill me up, I accept my fate.