Light shine in from the moonlight

it’s alright, you’ve been right

Then comes shivers of an old winded ghost

blowing in the breeze, like shackles

confused. not coming even close

because hes’s locked up

to a past life,

and never getting farther

and he knows damn well

that it was his hands

that drove in that sharpened knife

Use a brain

think again

this ends with the knife cleaned of stained hands

Diary of John


I have seen it happen in the blink of an eye

a life,

a life passes by

and now there’s tears in my eyes

I’m happy now as time might express


I’ve seen only shadows of who you might be

My life seems hollow and as endless as eternity


These words they use to portray your life

only make me wonder if you’re alright

and you must be. I haven’t heard a call

not from you, or any of the ones I loved at all

They all moved on, to new? to better? does it really matter?


Moving on isn’t just picking a house to call home

its more then a cell we go to sleep after we roam the streets

when there’s no food to eat

and all that matters is both of us under the sheets

while we both work hard cause we both wanted better

I couldn’t spend all day writing love letters


Hounding you that you could do better

where was I when I let that fear take me

that man you met, first, when nobody could break me

I feel compelled to apologize for the things that I’ve done

I don’t blame you for anything

not when words spoken, came from the broken one


I stand on my knees in riddling confession

bare knuckle, hoping you hear my compulsion

I hear horror stories. They don’t scare me.

I don’t tend to forget, and don’t expect to be forgiven

but one wrong finger on your body

and they’ll lose that short life they’ve been given.

I hope you find love

I can’t die. I’d love to see you happy as life glistens in your eyes

even if you can’t see me by your side

I never left it, and I’ll never die

I’ll protect all who gave me this life.