Diamonds and Pearls


I lost the gift I gave my friend

Now begins a story with no end

Her choice was swift, she was flustered

Now the pearls have lost their luster

divine spirits shine from their spark

of the slightest hint of light hidden in the dark

diamond crest, lay my head on your diamond chest

put my search for peace to rest

lay my head down and relieve all sorrow

Hold me tight in spite of worries of tomorrow

Lay my head on your diamond chest

untold riches in every beat of your breast

I live in poverty

Short Term Attachment


Into the beauty of eyes that lie in despair

they speak words, yet speak them unclear

ghastly tongue twisting with a blunt and a beer

Trying to convince her, that she should stay here


It was just one night, would that make it clearer?

If you want someone to love, just hold up a mirror

I’d like another night, but this I can’t be near

What stirs you, may stir me I fear

So After this night, I’ll be gone my dear

never to remember our one night love, swimming in beer


Shooting Stars

All stars fade out and die

and so,

by my own light do I cry

one bullet so dark

one spark to lose my glow

This gun changes stars to black holes

The gravity rips apart close loved ones.

I lived out every last breath of life

Now it’s done, soon to be broken

lying under fallen stars

I shoot for every word not spoken,

each time My life flashes before

Just as the “click” takes away all my color



Ashes to ashes

I could see she was fake by the flicker of her eye lashes

complimented by traces of all her burnt matches

sparking feelings that could never combat this

and her chess game of cheap trust

any hesitation ages with lust

around the corners of her mirror,


despite all the things she fears

Its not her soul that’s getting older

It’s her reflection growing rust

and that rusty loving beholder

That’s why I’m a charlatan, bolder

with cheap tricks, gimmicks, and quick wits

She knows I love her with cheap trust

I almost believe it.

Dust to Dust