Fire King


Through fallen castle walls you find

A hollowed crown, underneath all light.

yet still our destiny’s stay twined.

Will you take my flame tonight?


Listen, to hear such silent thunder

sounding off each beat in spite

of love passed leaving me to wonder

This princess who’s held me tight


To Her I can only sing ghastly sonnets

when men were warriors and lived in nature

Does time reward me for being honest?

I don’t deserve a chance to take her


Jumping is reckless and she is stronger

I want her- her decisions should be right

So on this star I wish she shinned bright

Friendly girl, will you take my flame tonight


Her answers scramble with zeal and a smile

The moment she rambles her mouth invites-

him into her house, a new home for awhile

Will you share your flame tonight?


The question casts a royal spell,

Be with her in elemental fights

complete the magic and never tell

Of the flame, forever burning in our nights.

Sweet tooth


I’m hungry.

Nothing has any flavor

I’d like to ask you for a favor

I ask you now because I can’t see later

It’s been so long and we’ve both had to wait

I’ll grab your line without any bait

reel me in and seal my fate

Our legs lock to seal the deal.

Two hungry hearts ready for a three course meal;

appetizers are the goosebumps with each button I steal,

soon you’re soft skin smoothly grips me to feel.

Continue to the main entree and the taste is surreal

Our body’s tremble, anxious with zeal.

Just before dessert, you ask how it feels

we hold each other close before the ship sets sail

Think back to when we chased each others tail

Dessert is knowing that true love prevails

Creed of a Human


See me. Do this and then you’ll believe

sit in your life as you watch a man bleed

death up his sleeve

all the while feeding your greed


I know its fucked up

but what’s fucked up are your needs

to swallow, sweet shame,

surround yourself in life sucking weeds


Continue to pass blame


watch as he dies by his creed

you left humanity way longer than he.

Too Soon


Look into the eyes

of this boy falling in love


this choice-

she’s staring back at him.

his voice

its choking up a word


I- I-

I know

I know you heard all this before,

But I don’t want to stop

From telling you once more.

that I-

I love you from my deepest core

You were there for me before

and heard out all of my cries

So how, how do i apologize?

And so

I accept you closing doors

-just know baby,

 I’m all yours-


I’m all yours.



Enter the streams

of my conscious stained clean.

He saw her before

playing strings to the things

they would endure

A melodic rhythm-

it’s singing in his ear,

dragging him into collision..

oh siren,

tear me limb from limb

repeat those words

and lead me into the forgotten world.

cling to me while you can,

tales of a soon to be forgotten girl.


Serve me well,

death will come

if you stay under my spell

before too long,

you’ll be dead and i’ll be gone.

Another victim- but wait

could I be wrong?

Do you not love the harmony of my song?

I’ll play as if music were my disguise

listen fool to the song of your demise

I will not fall, only love shall rise

still I can’t help but fall prey to your lullaby

You speak ill, with a tongue of love

do you dare prove my song not tough?

you touch me again and you’re mine, my friend.

Fear not of death, but the thrill of journey before

I see you for more then a siren or a whore

should you be under affects of my call

flying moral flags before I cause them to fall.

Come fearless wanderer

Before death shall arise

Come experience the power between my thighs

give me strength and I’ll cut all servant ties

Oh sweet mortality grants me a surprise

Do i now fear death? The journey as my prize.