Getaway Vol. 1


Opportunity opens new doors

to move away from nothing

and get a way to experience more.

A cheat code? Or a lucky break?

Maybe forsaken by the choice that’ll make

What could become of a life of travel?

not just a destination but a new home for awhile.

Dare I submit to this world

take me away. Alone and this girl-

She stays behind, Submitting to time

demanding but presently its relieving

Time has long term effects.

I’ll be lost in my getaway

Clocks never stop for either

In time we’ll see who each of us grow into.

If the right choice is my getaway.

A Day With No End



but I commit myself to such monstrous deeds,

and act before thinking.

I come from a place of disappointment.

I fight for the cause that sounds so pure

and yet I hypnotize myself

into believing my anxiety-

leading me into the seas of such sweet sorrow,

with no one to blame but myself.


The line I walk in such great youth,

is wasted away

because I spoke too much truth and too quickly..

to too many.

the numbers before seemed infinite.

Friends and lovers are minimum

While old friends show support,

only so much time can devote to so wretched of a man,

even a boy, like I.

The rest of the devotion is mine.

So many aspects of the world collide

I bear consequence of broken trust,

I am a walking example of what I believe in

and yet, lapse of judgement!

I have broken a heart by my actions.

I live without that heart, and mine is weak alone.

yet grows in confidence when I even get that boost.

Then reality sets in again and I drift along,


I search for my place in this world,

its all i really have.

what is love? but just an emotion felt

towards a person so dear to I

A life so long with so much left

I can fight as a noble, with honor

But lost the right to an honorable death.

Darkest Day


Even on the highest mountain wise men fall

to allow wind to steer you off the edge

land into a tale told too tall.


over my head and unable to breathe

Romeo wouldn’t betray Juliet,

Lovers until death,

and this? As permanent as he!


Anxious and eager emotions

make me do something I wouldn’t think

restrict my movements

under love’s heavy burden do I sink


Death will not wait?

betrayal is as permanent he!

I live to die, but deaths arrives too late.

I can’t consider me his saint


Oh? but I know it was love?

To what experience, to whom is owed?

my heart weighs heavy lead

Consequences, left by greed that I showed


So is this to blame on love?

Love resembles what waters it most

And I? Leaving it dry with death so close

only she would’ve been able to live


To what I put in was indeed sin

controlling a world, as if she was no girl

a game to be lost and to end

I live without that woman, no longer a friend


And this as permanent as he.

I live to die alone

because alone I have reaper bones

stealing the souls,left,  love lost in greed


I dreamed of warm feelings

I held you close, forgive me

you were warm when you faded away,

I woke up with tears running from my eyes.




Dawn of a new Day


I’ve been broken

this world has stepped on me enough

Listening to the lies being spoken

Of diamonds hidden in the rough

Then the diamond falls, and calls their bluff

My chest is bending, putting me on all fours

I felt love before, still, I feel it more

Is that why nothing was said but the words

“Get out” marked across your door?

To be so sure, to say its over?

I won’t believe any of those lies longer!

I won’t be swayed by devil’s whispering me to make mistakes

They will not make my hands shake,

nor questions arise

These words they state, leaving me with bloody eyes


bitter? hardly

She is and was the first place prize

mutually, I should be the same size.

That piece of me is yours- we share it.

just like that piece of you is mine-

To be blue with you,

only leaves me green since you made your mark

this isn’t wisdom, cynicism?

lock the door to leave me lying in prison.

This is an experience I will not let destroy-

what my blood says is love.

That green you left in my heart is beating

In sync with my movements, needless to say i’m done grieving.

Life, is what you gave me, with or without your presence.

I hope my piece didn’t make you too blue

Because believe me when I say, I love you.

My conclusion is that I will change this world.

Myself first. I will bleed out before the day you really leave.

I still feel you, in each beat of my blood

you say crazy, me and 40,000 others say love.

I’ll move on…The stars will need to pack their bags

I’m strong enough move them, just like our waving flag.

If my answer is fixed then my last drop will be to fight for this.

I see you’ve always been a diamond, I’m not just going to quit.


IMG_1227I know how it goes at the end of the show

She said she’s leaving,

and its all she can do

to help cope with this joke

of a life blown up in smoke

while the drunk slurs the songs the he wrote.

She never returned

after that fateful night

He messed up,

and the bottles are proof

Well, gin and vodka stars

in a life so bizarre

and there’s nothing that he’d rather do!

But she can’t stand all his fears!

so he sits back with a beer,


he’ll give it all away

but its not what she needs

cleaning up all his weeds

his slurs break up the words he conveys

Please listen friend,

you’re what the world

showed to me

Opening my heart up to love

I’ll be living a lie

and I’d rather die

then to say

that we never made up…

Time of the Day


Time is all knowing

but only Time will ever tell.

Am I still paranoid?

Time told me no just last week.


Time is still answering me.

Time told me to move on.

The world is yours to wander

still I’ll love her just a little longer

Discovering myself has never come at such a high cost

I’m inevitably to blame for the problems I got

To see that face light up the crowd

shuffling bottles with ease and somehow

a rose in the weeds.

we both find other people who’ll fulfill our needs

I feel like I’m done for awhile

Sit back and help other people smile

It’s the only thing keeping me happy.

Am I happy?

Only Time will ever tell.