High Speed Heart Beats

wallhaven-7455 (1)

Could I keep up?

Time extends for our race-

Red light.

running offered a prize for first place

Should I let her go on green?

I think I’ll go faster.

Then, The window that tinted pretty faces

was down for a heart beat of friendly chases

A smile brighter than all other cases-

Green light.

It’s a feeding frenzy and I have to taste this

times speeds up as our race begins

you drive by as if each heartbeat is do or die.

I speed up because my belly now boils butterflies.

And the winner is…

something her heartbeat couldn’t miss.



Another day another poem

whats the point? I have no one.

I see you post pictures,

and want to think its a sign: A sign that says “Enter”

I don’t even follow you

I blocked all the others. so why do I think of signs?

I know you shouldn’t bother. I can’t keep going.

I keep thinking of you

And that so far no one is better

I now, don’t show anyone these poems.

And occasionally slip up,

telling friends “I can’t forget her”

Who could my friends be but one or two?

Not even rich boy’s weed can uproot all of you.

Now I’m sober, and the night is over.

I think of old friends from that place down the road

all the girls that I loved and words we had spoke

The guys and my brother, whom no longer start trouble

I am lost, getting compliments from your necklace I wear as my totem


Another night another poem

Fighting Back With Your Eyes Shut


Trapped in a world with no ending in sight

forced to say goodbye and forever stay inside

keep your tears to yourself and lets just have a goodnight

slip into your fears, because they wont fit on anyone else.

The world revolves around hard times and a hot sun

It only gets easy if you be the stronger one

There’s an open bottled beer, and their second Jameson

They get weak with each sip keeping them here

see the youth drain from their face right in front of a mirror

He accepts her for what she is because he’s nobody to fear

just another soon to be bum, piano man is working construction

get back and get out of here

you’re hiding from your problems and crack open another beer

Title Of a Happy Ending


She can see it in his eyes

and everytime he tries

to keeps it in his pants, but boy he has to fight

She wants to have this dance

so he takes her by her hand and leads her in the night

The sun’s just setting and it hasn’t even set in

The feelings of the boy and that she won’t forget him

the night is young, glasses full to the brim

wine describes what she could do with him

This time the moon reflects a different ending

When light expands and blurs what he’s intending

their bodies are close and their clothes are their defense

a lonely night, together alone, abusing the suspense

dancing alone in their night on this substance

abused by the thought that quickly comes the regrets

But ahead are his thoughts, walking free of  a mental mess

Before his body pushes him to forget, he packs his bags

Their dance is done, clothes still on, waving a white flag

He’ll drive her home, and rather be alone, then ruin their one night fling




I feel my breath shorten
My heart beating faster
Screaming, Telling me to proceed through thoughts that start with you
And end in disaster
I start feeling sick, a cold shiver begins to hold my shoulders
This nightmare, Have I lost my composure?
Take me to where I can be alone.
Rhythm lost
My blood beats cold spikes
I cry stalagmites
Then freeze in time
Pressure building
I lost connection to the warm beats that kept me breathing
It’s so heavy
Am I so strong?
No I’m not ready
It’s so long
And there’s so much more to leave me worried
School doesn’t bother me
Please teach me how to get over her
I want to be free

But no.
But yes!

Clearly there’s a problem I haven’t solved
Why my heart won’t get involved
Why I can’t get over this wall
I can be better, faster, stronger
Limitations start just before I fall longer
Head under heels and I’m crazy for how I feel.
This is real.
I’m left alone
frozen and managing moving on
I said I’d wait forever.
Forever never comes because forever
Never ends
I haven’t fit in since then
Where the pride lands
decide that paradise is light passing through a prism
in many beautiful colors
This darkness is my prison.

Last Night


Why do I keep writing?

Why do I care so much that I keep fighting?

The more I experience the more I see

The darkest side of me

I left the light when she left me


Does that mean she brings light?

was I convinced by skin touching just right

comfort falls into the depth of her bite

The words she expressed, and understood mine


You are the standard

That’s how far you set the bar

convinced by your answer

I can only stare at stars